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Packers Celebrate Super Bowl Victory at Lambeau Field

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The Green Bay Packers hosted their "Return to Titletown" celebration at Lambeau Field on Tuesday. As you can see it was an intimate gathering with the entire team, including QB Aaron Rodgers, pictured, and 50,000 of their biggest fans. SB Nation has a good photo gallery here, but I wish OL Jason Spitz had left his shirt on.

Tickets to the event were $5, but JS Online reported on one group that paid $35 a piece online. A lot of players have been very emotional. JS Online reported that RB Brandon Jackson and FB John Kuhn don't want to wash their game jerseys, while C Scott Wells had slept only a two hours in the first two nights after the Super Bowl.

One surprise from the event was the sight of WR Jordy Nelson on crutches. While they had been dealing with many injuries this season, they had been relatively healthy over the past few weeks. That certainly played a part in their six game winning streak to end the season. But with Nelson, WR Donald Driver, CB Charles Woodson, and CB Sam Shields also suffering injuries during the Super Bowl, it's a good thing the season's over.