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ESPN Fail: Packers Unrestricted Free Agents

This screen shot from ESPN on the Green Bay Packers free agency status has a lot wrong with it. His name is Tramon Williams. Although their spelling of Desmond Bishop is correct, neither he nor Williams are free agents. Both have recently signed four-year contract extensions. 

I hesitate to discuss free agents because that is all up in the air. The NFL has announced that teams can use their franchise tag beginning on February 10th, but how restricted and unrestricted free agency will work going forward is a difficult prediction. RB Brandon Jackson and WR James Jones have expired contracts, but under the old rules, they'd be restricted free agents (likely) so they wouldn't have been able to leave anyway.

And that's another good point: why has the restricted free agent market been so dead? Is it because of collusion? It's an interesting point since the restricted free agent market has been dead the past couple years.