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Cullen Jenkins Is Going To Make A Lot Of Money

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While Pro Football Focus only has Green Bay Packers DE Cullen Jenkins ranked as the No. 5 defensive tackle/3-4 defense end available in free agency, they do point out his 46 QB disruptions. That ranked him 2nd overall for 3-4 defensive ends, and I'm sure it's one of the better numbers among 4-3 defensive tackles. They knock him down because he's battled injuries over the past three seasons, and he's not an elite run stopper. But his pass rushing isn't in question, and that's why I expect he'll be seeing a big payday.

I'm convinced the Packers have failed to pursue him because they know he's too expensive for their budget. They aren't the Yankees, and they already have a lot of salary committed for 2011. Right now I wonder if Jenkins will be able to get a contract similar to the one given to DE Julius Peppers last year.

There's some funny money on the end of his contract, but Peppers received guarantees over the first three years of around $40 million. That's a huge commitment, and it's similar to the cost of a franchise tag at around $11 to $13 million (depending on whether he's classified as an end or tackle). Cash flow, especially in a lockout year, should be a concern for the team.