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Kiper's Mock Draft: Packers Select Brooks Reed

Earlier this week I wrote about why the Green Bay Packers might want to consider Arizona DE/LB Brooks Reed at the end of the first round. Apparently I was ahead of the trend because now Mel Kiper has Reed going to the Packers at No. 32 in his latest mock draft. According to Kevin Seifert (who's paraphrasing what Kiper said) Reed has "strong instincts and good enough speed to get to the passer."

But I also said that the Packers are unlikely to take a project in the first round, and they may want to know that he's a complete player who can defend the run, rush the passer and drop back in coverage. Dan Kadar said that Reed is a project who wasn't mentioned as a top draft choice until his fantastic performance at the combine. Also, Kadar doesn't project Reed as a first round talent. The fact that Reed could be a workout wonder is a concern too. I'm feeling less inclined to select him as the week has gone on.