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Seifert: Packers Built For A Lockout

Kevin Seifert wrote about how a lockout would affect the teams in the NFC North, and said that the Green Bay Packers are built to withstand a one because they've "rarely dipped into free agency." That's true, but they have several of their own free agents to sign. Can they count on WR James Jones returning at a reasonable contract, or will they be forced into drafting a high one in either of the first three rounds?

The one downside he mentions is that the lockout could cancel Mike McCarthy's "quarterback school." If anything, it's less important than in previous years because of QB Aaron Rodgers and QB Matt Flynn. But he's absolutely right that it's a setback for QB Graham Harrell. This might have been their best chance to see if he's worth keeping as a backup in case they trade Flynn. I remain in favor of keeping both Flynn and Harrell