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Packers Draft Analysis: Colorado CB Jimmy Smith

UPDATE: And I couldn't recall it when I wrote this article, but then was reminded by Pro Football Talk that his biggest concern is his past arrests and bad conduct. The Packers don't avoid players with that type of past, but they wouldn't certainly be extra careful in evaluating him.

Moving on from lockouts and lawsuits, lets look at some cornerbacks that might be available when the Green Bay Packers are on the clock with pick No. 32. Cornerback has been mentioned as an area of need because CB Charles Woodson just completed his 13th season. Also, the fourth cornerback on the depth chart remains CB Jarrett Bush, and despite his Super Bowl interception, we want to see as little from him as possible.

Only LSU CB Patrick Peterson and Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara are the only first round locks, so any other cornerback has the potential to fall. There will be a run on cornerbacks at some point in the draft, but it might not happen until the beginning of the second round.

What jumped out at me about Colorado CB Jimmy Smith was his size. He's 6'2" and he'd be the tallest cornerback on their roster. And he also has the size and strength to play press coverage and provide run support, two requirements of any Packers cornerback that lines up out wide The knock on him is his ball skills, and that he only had 2 INTs in his two seasons as a starting cornerback. 

He's an intriguing player, but I would like him better if he had forced more turnovers.