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Packers Draft Analysis: Miami CB Brandon Harris

I'm looking at cornerbacks that could be available for the Green Bay Packers at the end of the first round. I started with Colorado CB Jimmy Smith.

Next up is Miami CB Brandon Harris. His pro day was washed out last week, but he'll still have another chance to show he's the third best corner in this draft. Unlike Smith, who would be the tallest cornerback on the Packers roster, Harris would be the shortest. He's been an All-ACC performer the past two seasons.

But due to his size, he might be better suited on a zone coverage team. His physical measurements are similar to CB Tramon Williams and CB Sam Shields, but both are typically shorter than the receiver they are covering. To compensate, they are strong technicians, especially Williams. We'll see next April whether the Packers believe he can work just as hard to become just as good as Williams and Shields.