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Packers Prospect: Florida OL Mike Pouncey

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JS Online points out that a couple recent mock drafts have the Green Bay Packers selecting Florida OL Mike Pouncey. It's pretty clear that Pouncey is the best interior offensive lineman available this year. At 303 lbs., his only weakness might be against defensive lineman with more size and strength. Someone like RG Josh Sitton needs all 318 lbs. to hold up against the top defensive tackles, such as Detroit's DT Ndamukong Suh. 

And that might be the reason why he isn't a fit for the Packers. With his 6'5" height, he may be ideal to play at center and he insists that's his position. But he isn't going to play ahead of C Scott Wells, who's in great health now and should remain the starter for at least the next couple seasons. If they look for a replacement for LG Daryn Colledge, it might not be for another lighter lineman like Pouncey, and instead they might want someone like OL T.J. Lang, who is almost the same size as Sitton.