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Arizona Pro Day: Reed Draws Interest, Grigsby Puts On A Show

Rob Rang said twenty-nine teams showed for the Arizona Pro Day on Saturday. He said most of the attention was on LB Brooks Reed, who put up huge numbers at the combine. Also, despite his modest production in college (one Wildcat fan I know didn't even recognize Reed's name when I mentioned it), he's scheduled private workouts with three teams.

I've written about Reed recently on a couple occasions, but I don't think the Green Bay Packers are interested in someone as a first round draft choice with such a modest college career. However, he could be a late bloomer, such as was the case with LB Clay Matthews. I'm just speculating, and that's why the Packers do a lot more research on each player than I do.

I don't expect the Packers to show a lot of interest in him, but I'm surprised RB Nic Grigsby wasn't even invited to the combine. His workout results were great, and his vertical jump would have been the best at the combine. He battled injuries, but he had a long and productive college career.