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NFLPA Tells Prospects To Avoid The Draft

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It's unlikely that you'll see any draftee of the Green Bay Packers on the stage at the April draft.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the NFLPA has contacted the top 17 draft prospects and asked them to skip the April draft. For a while, this is what I thought the players should do. Deny them the star power of the top draft choices during the NFL's premier off-season event.

But now that the announcement has actually been made, it seems petty. It won't change anything in the ongoing legal battle and negotiations between the NFL and players. It also makes it look like the players are walking away from the league.

As Dan Kadar points out, there is some upside for draft geeks. I expect it will lead to more commentary from the ESPN announcers and analysts, and few pointless interviews with the recent draftees. As bad as some of the ESPN staff can be, they're more interesting than nearly every player interview.