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NFL Labor Negotiations: Were The Players Intent On Litigating?

One more point on this recent interview, via the Press-Gazette, with Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy.

Murphy spent part of his 21-minute appearance on the podcast repeating the owners’ main talking point this week: That even during federal mediation the previous three weeks the players were intent on litigation rather than serious negotiations.

When I was in Dallas for the Super Bowl, I met with George Atallah, the NFLPA’s assistant executive director of external affairs. The informal gathering was arranged, and paid for, by the NFLPA for the purpose of talking about the labor negotiations.

I can't recall a single mention of a lawsuit. He said they'd likely agree to a 50/50 split of revenues, which is what they did offer to the owners. We discussed the $1 billion off the top that goes straight to the owners, which the owners wanted to raise to $2 billion but lowered to $1.32 billion in their final offer, and how that made the players reported share of revenue at 57.5% look better than it was. It was a pitch, but I felt like he was trying to strike a deal. I didn't think litigation was his intent.