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SB Nation Interviews Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash

I was unable to attend, but all the SB Nation football bloggers had the opportunity to ask questions on a conference call with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Negotiator Jeff Pash. One of the questions asked was in reference to some recent comments made by Bengals owner Mike Brown who said that the players only wanted to talk about money in the negotiation session. 

Jeff Pash: They didn’t want to talk about the health and safety improvements, they didn’t want to talk about benefits, they didn’t want to talk about improved pensions for retired players, they didn’t want to talk about the drug program or the steroid program, they didn’t want to talk about disciplinary matters. The only thing they wanted to talk about was the cap number. I think Mike was reflecting what he heard from the players.

That's in line with something I wrote about earlier this week. The players finally got a good offer that included a lot of great non-cap related benefits. The problem was that this offer wasn't made until there were only a couple hours left before the deadline. They probably didn't want to talk about all those things because they liked what they saw, time was running out, and they were focused on the biggest remaining issues.

Jason over at Bleeding Green Nation came away from Pash's comment with a similar impression.

More quotes and comments are available in the story stream at SB Nation.