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Will Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert Be The Top Draft Pick?

I read about the Vikings interest in Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert, so I thought I'd take a look at how he would help them. I did the same thing with the Vikings and Washington QB Jake Locker a couple days ago.

But after reading about Gabbert's performance at the Missouri Pro Day, I can't imagine he'll fall out of the Top 5 (the Vikings are at No. 12). He should be seriously considered by the Panthers with the top pick, and by the Cardinals at No. 5. The Bengals should look at him too if they're going to part ways with QB Carson Palmer.

There's talk about the Bills drafting a quarterback at No. 3 overall, but I'm fan of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. He's good enough, and seems to play well in head coach Chan Gailey's system. That's not high praise, but there's so much wrong with the Bills that they should keep the good quarterback they've got and try to fix their defense first.