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Several Packers Could Lose Workout Bonuses

It's hard for a player to earn his workout bonus if he's locked out from his team's workout facility. ESPN has a list of the workout bonuses, and published some of the biggest ones. Near the top was QB Aaron Rodgers, and WR Greg Jennings wasn't far behind. 

While $500,000 for Rodgers and $300,000 for Jennings are huge numbers, they might even have more on the line in the current labor battle. I expect both players will receive at least one more mega contract in their careers, and a bad labor deal could limit what they'll receive in the future.

But some of those players might be on their last multi-year contract. Both WR Donald Driver and DE Ryan Pickett have made a lot of money over their careers, but this might be the last time either has the opportunity to earn a $200,000 workout bonus.

It's an interesting list of players. I'm not surprised to see the Andrews brothers near the top, since they're big guys (maybe too big) with a history of injury troubles. But I'm a little surprised to see all the quarterbacks like Rodgers, QB Eli Manning and QB Jay Cutler near the top too. Maybe it's a way to work their contracts around the salary cap.