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Saints Sign Shaun Rogers

Back in 2008, NT Shaun Rogers was arguably the best defensive lineman in the NFL. Since then, he's missed a few games in 2009, and really struggled with injuries in 2010. Dawgs By Nature said he only played in about one-third of the Browns snaps last season, but I'm still surprised they released him. The Saints, at least over at Canal Street Chronicles, seem ecstatic to be able to sign him for only $4 million.

I kicked around the idea of having the Green Bay Packers sign him, but he didn't make any sense. As good as he can be, he'd play behind NT B.J. Raji and DE Ryan Pickett. I doubt he'd have any interest as a potential third string player. I'm not so worried about his age (31) and recent history of injuries. Defensive tackles age surprisingly well (think NT Pat Williams in Minnesota), and I expect he's got some good football ahead of him.

I'm not really excited to see him go to the Saints either. Despite their shocking playoff loss in Seattle, they had a very good season and remain one of the top teams in the NFC. One of the teams the Packers could face next postseason look a little better.