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Should The Packers Trade Up In The First Round?

I approached the other side, trading down, a couple days ago. But there's an argument to be made for trading up. With such a good, young team, and so many players returning from injuries, the Green Bay Packers might do very well by adding a top rookie instead of few prospects.

My initial thought was it would be nearly impossible to make a significant move up because their draft choices are so low. Their 1st round pick is only one spot better than a 2nd round pick, etc. They'd have to give up a lot of picks, or maybe picks in future years, to make a significant move. 

Strohman was thinking along the same lines. By including QB Matt Flynn in a deal, along with their 1st and 2nd round picks, they could maybe move up to No. 11. Since I doubt the Texans have a specific interest in Flynn, let's say that the Redskins at No. 10 want Flynn. That would make some sense, and probably be the most the Packers should give up for anybody. Of course, then the Packers would need a new backup QB. 

But who should they move up for? Based on this mock draft from NFL Draft Scout, LB Von Miller is available at No. 5, would fill a somewhat open outside LB spot, and the Cardinals might actually be interested in trading for Flynn. But the Packers would have to include some more draft picks for a move up that high. I'm not in love with that deal, but it's the best I could come up with. They better be right about Miller if they made that trade.

If they do move up at all, I'd expect it would be a smaller jump. Strohman suggested their 1st and 3rd round picks in order to move up a few spots, and that's a fair deal if they are targeting someone.