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2010 NFL Draft Do-Over: Packers Select Trent Williams

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An interesting article by Rob Rang over at that looks back at the 2010 NFL draft. As the title suggests, the Green Bay Packers selected Redskins LT Trent Williams instead of RT Bryan Bulaga. He thought the Packers might have chosen Williams over Bulaga anyway, but he also predicted the 49ers would have taken Bulaga at No. 11 overall ahead of RT Anthony Davis:

The 49ers traded up to secure the rights to Davis and inserted him into their starting lineup at right tackle and he never found his rhythm. The team likely would have been stout in the running game and provided a more consistent pocket had San Francisco instead nabbed the technically sound Bulaga, who emerged as a versatile starter for the Super Bowl champion Packers...

Bulaga was a big part of Green Bay's championship season, but I doubt the Packers would have selected him over Williams -- who could have handled the switch to the right side and would be as likely to take over for Chad Clifton once the veteran's knees finally give out.

Coming out of college, Williams was seen as a right tackle. But he proved to scouts he could play the blind side during the combine and workouts, and he shot up draft boards. As Rang says, Williams was "serviceable" but he might be better at right tackle. Since the Packers obviously had an immediate need at right tackle in 2010, and since RT Mark Tauscher is not expected back, it's a long term need also, Williams would have been a great alternative. 

Some his choices for other teams were a little puzzling, but I really don't follow other teams that closely (until they play the Packers) so I can't say he's wrong. It's an interesting exercise, but as Rang says, it's early and some of these players will be much better next year. Also, it is hard to judge some players who are stuck on bad teams.