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SB Nation Mock Draft: Packers Select Temple DT Muhammad Wilkerson

In the latest SB Nation mock draft, the Green Bay Packers select Temple DT Muhammad Wilkerson. He's 6-4, 315 lbs. and doesn't have any obvious weakness in his game. He appears to be a true 5 technique (lines up over the offensive tackle) and with so many teams switching to a 3-4 scheme, players like Wilkerson will be in demand. I do expect he'll be drafted in the first round, or he'll be a great second round pick for some team at the top of the round.

While his selection is made in part because of the expected departure of DE Cullen Jenkins, he doesn't really offer enough of a pass rush. He did have 10 sacks last season, but recording 3 sacks a piece against Buffalo and Kent State doesn't prove you can do the same in the NFL. He'd really duplicate what DE Ryan Pickett and DE C.J. Wilson (and maybe even DE Johnny Jolly) can bring. He might get lost in the defensive end rotation. He'd be a good pick for depth, but would do little to make the defense better in 2011.

And again with QB Cam Newton first overall. He's a great athlete who hasn't proven he can run a complex NFL style offense or become an accurate passer. He's a project, and there's a big chance he could become a bust. I'm no fan of QB Jimmy Clausen, but I don't see Newton as the answer for the Panthers.