Boycott the NFL

I love football & love the Packers, but even if they repeat it's not the same & nothing is worth watching when players pull this. There are three reasons why this is stupid:

1) The players average something like $1.1 million. Most people, and by most people I mean about 85-90% of Americans will never see that much money in their life. So, what they hell are you guys complaining about. You'd think when you make $5 million a year, you'd save some money & be smart. But no, they only want more money so they can get themselves out of debt. We already bailed out the banks, we don't need to bail them out too.

2) We are in the midle of an economic downturn. Apparently, they didn't get the memo, we're supposed to cut frivilous spending, not increase it. All these teams & players is bankrupt citites with huge contracts & new stadiums every 3 yrs. Then they screw the loyal fans by hiking up ticket prices to cover their expenses, that's why attendance is decreasing so much.

3) THEY ARE NOT THE OWNERS. Who the hell are they to demand to see the books. If anyone went in & demanded their boss to show them the books so they can get a raise, you'd either be fired or told to get lost. They are the workers, not the bosses, what do they know about running any kind of business. Their are of expertise is not thinking for the most part or business sense, it's playing ball & being athletes. Some are smart & I'm not saying their morons with low IQ's, but a degree in communication with a 2.9 GPA, doesn't exactly qualify you to run any kind of business.

So, in conclusion, forget them & becuase it's a spectator sport. It's about the fans, because without us this sports would not produce $ 9 billion in revenue.

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