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Mike McCarthy Isn't The Biggest Draw In The Room

The NFL's annual meeting is being held in New Orleans, so there have been some good quotes from coaches around the league, who aren't locked out from talking to the media. I've posted a couple quotes about the new kickoff rule change, and one of the "biggest" stories was about Bill Belichick oversleeping through his media availability breakfast.

I've often commented on Mike McCarthy's pretty dry press conferences. He rarely criticizes players (or singles out anyone for praise) and uses a lot of coach-speak with one game at a time, one week at a time type of stuff. So it was funny to see him pick on himself about it. From Rob Demovsky at the Press-Gazette:

In fact, about a half hour into the 75-minute session and after only one national media member had come to his table, the Packers coach quipped: "Did we win the Super Bowl or what?"

Truth be told, McCarthy likes it that way.

"I think it’s a product of how I handle my press conferences; it’s all working very well," McCarthy said. "I’m stiff, by design."