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Draft Prospect: Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan

I'm always looking for the Green Bay Packers to draft someone who can rush the quarterback. So I've certainly read a lot about Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan, but I haven't written about him before.

Kerrigan was teamed up Packers DE Mike Neal in 2009 as part of a fearsome pass rush at Purdue. There was some speculation that Kerrigan recorded 12 sacks in 2009 because teams focused on stopping Neal, but after Neal left, Kerrigan went onto record 13 sacks in 2010 without him.

At 6-4, 267 lbs., it's an open question whether he'll be a 4-3 defensive end, or transition to play linebacker in a 3-4 defense. He "lacks experience" at linebacker, which I take to mean that he's never tried during a game. Mocking The Draft put him on the BUST-O-METER because of the concern that he's a man without an obvious position, but I expect a great football player will force his way onto the field if he deserves it.

I wouldn't expect the Packers to draft a defensive end in the first round who they couldn't play on every down on the defensive line, or unable to convert to outside linebacker. Also, I expect he'll be long gone by the time the Packers select at No. 32.