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The 2011 Green Bay Packers Free Agents

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This is my first attempt at putting together a list of the Green Bay Packers free agents. It's a little bit of guess work between the class of free agents since the new CBA hasn't been agreed to. And I'm not exactly sure about the contract status for players signed, claimed, and traded for after the start of the 2010 season. Did they sign in October on a multi-year deal, or did their previous teams sign them to a multi-year deal? Take a look at it, which I cobbled together from web searches, the roster at, and the salaries list at JS Online, and let me know if I get anything wrong.

First are the unrestricted free agents. Some of them have received restricted tender offers, but they should be unrestricted under the expected framework of the next CBA. I also didn't include DE Johnny Jolly, who would also need a new contract, but should be a restricted free agent if the NFL reinstates him.

I don't think this shows any obvious needs, since many of these players I would expect to be re-signed. But it does show that they have some decisions to make about their depth on the offensive line, linebacker, fullback/tight end, and at wide receiver. Do they want to re-sign someone like Korey Hall, or look for a better option later in the draft?

Position Player
DE Cullen Jenkins
FB Korey Hall
FB John Kuhn
G Daryn Colledge
G Jason Spitz
K Mason Crosby
LB Matt Wilhelm
RB Brandon Jackson
S Atari Bigby
S Anthony Smith
WR James Jones

Expected restricted free agents (the Packers could match any offer):

Position Player
TE Spencer Havner
WR Brett Swain