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Free Agents: Johnny Jolly Update

When I was writing the Green Bay Packers 2011 list of free agents, one player I wasn't sure about was DE Johnny Jolly. He does have to be reinstated by the league, and the team may have soured on him over the last year. I hadn't heard one way or another. 

But then I read again the recent Press-Gazette interview with Mike McCarthy, and Jolly's future was one of the questions:

On if Jolly is still in the team’s plans?: "Definitely. We’ll let the process take its course and we’ll see what happens."

He'll probably get off to a slow start since he'll have been out of football for almost 18 months by the time he takes his first practice, but he's a great athlete and hustle player for a man of his size. He'll never be a great pass rusher, or an anchor on run defense, but a valuable part of the rotation. And he's very good at putting his hand up to deflect a pass.