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With Jolly In Trouble, Do The Packers Need Jenkins?

Brad Biggs at National Football Post comments on Kareem Copeland's story at the Press-Gazette, and wonders if the second arrest of DE Johnny Jolly means the Green Bay Packers need to reconsider their plans regarding free agent DE Cullen Jenkins. While Copeland says the Packers plans for Jenkins "could change depending on Jolly's status", Biggs is wondering if the defensive line becomes a higher priority in the draft.

Honestly, I had rarely considered Jolly when thinking about the 2011 season. The main players returning on the defensive line next season are B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett, Howard Green, Mike Neal, C.J. Wilson, and Jarius Wynn. That's basically the same unit they finished 2010 with, except Neal is taking over for Jenkins. I'm fine with all of those players, even Wynn because he has some pass rushing ability. Jolly would have pushed Wynn off the team, and pushed Green and Wilson down the depth chart, but that isn't going to make a big difference in 2011.

If they really want to replace Jenkins, and Neal isn't the guy, they are going to have to find his replacement in the draft. 300 lbs. lineman like Jenkins who can rush the quarterback are hard to come by. Jolly isn't that type of player. With Jolly out for 2011 (if not forever) it means that Green and Wilson have a little bit more job security. It shouldn't change their plans for Jenkins.