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Packers Draft Order Is Set For 2011

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I'd been wanting to publish this a couple weeks ago, but I forgot I had to wait until the supplemental draft picks were announced. With that news now made official, here are the Green Bay Packers 2011 draft choices, with an assist from Walter Football:

Round Position Overall
1 32 32
2 32 64
3 32 96
4 32 129
4 34 131
5 32 163
6 32 197
7 1 204
7 32 232

I had forgotten about the 2009 trade of a long snapper to Carolina that netted them the top pick in the seventh round. The extra fourth round pick was announced this week as compensation for losing DE Aaron Kampman in free agency. And the Packers, again, have all their own picks because GM Ted Thompson doesn't trade away future picks. He did make an exception last year due to all the injuries, and traded a conditional seventh round selection to the Jaguars for S Anthony Smith. But since Smith spent most of his time with the Packers on I.R., I'm guessing that condition wasn't met. 

I've double checked my list with Jersey Al's, and I see he's got a different count for the last pick (for what that's worth). But he does also have each pick listed by trade value, I'm not a big fan of the trade value chart, if you're interested.