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The Packers Can Keep Tabs On Players Doing Rehab

During the lockout, the coaches, trainers, and front office of the Green Bay Packers can't have any contact with the players. But Pro Football Talk noticed last week that QB Matthew Stafford had tweeted that his coaches know how he's doing in rehab during the lockout.

While injured players can't rehab at team facilities, PFT found a workaround that the players can meet with team doctors away, and the doctors can provide an update to the trainers. With many players choosing to rehab away from the team's facilities during a normal offseason anyway, for many players, this is no different than usual.

I'm not sure about the level of rehab for each Packer coming off an injury, but I'm sure the trainers are concerned about many of them, such as LB Brandon Chillar who's got a troublesome shoulder injury. It's good to read that the trainers and doctors can follow up and assist them.