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SB Nation's Battling Mock Draft: Writers Draft Begins With Blaine Gabbert

The latest SB Nation mock draft is out, and it has the Green Bay Packers selecting Illinois LB Martez Wilson. I'm down on Wilson after a poor showing at his pro day, but keeping the linebacker position stacked with quality depth is important. Though the Packers showed in 2010 that they can find players that other teams have overlooked (LB Erik Walden, LB Frank Zombo), and turn them into quality starters.

The other big SB Nation mock draft is the writers' mock draft. Since the Packers have the last pick in the first round, I won't be involved in it for another few weeks. But it's getting underway for the teams who need the most help, based on last year's win-loss record.

Our weekly mock draft and our the first pick in the writers' draft both have the Panthers taking Missouri QB Blaine Gabbert. I think the Panthers GM is sticking with his guy from 2010, QB Jimmy Clausen, (I'm not saying I agree with him), so I'm not sure if this mock pick will become a reality.