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Lombardi History: Legendary Gophers Coach Murray Warmath Dies At Age 98

This is a bit of old news from back on March 17th, but I hadn't read about the death former Gophers and Vikings coach Murray Warmath until recently. He was obviously a great coach, leading the Gophers to the 1960 national championship. He figures slightly into the history of the Green Bay Packers because, before he took the head coaching job in Minnesota, he was an assistant coach at Army with Vince Lombardi.

There's a bit on the relationship between Warmath and Lombardi in the book When Pride Still Mattered, including this part on Lombardi's frustrations. Why had other good coaches become head coaches, but not him? Obviously it wasn't that Warmath didn't deserve to become a head coach, his career at Minnesota proved that, but it did take Lombardi a few years longer to make teams realize that he could become a head coach too.

I'm intrigued by the caliber of coaches that worked with Lombardi on his road to becoming the Packers head coach. Not only legendary coaches like Red Blaik and Murray Warmath at Army, but when Lombardi joined the New York Giants in 1954, he coached the offense while Tom Landry coached the defense. Pat Summerall recently wrote a book reflecting on the two coaches.