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Bears GM Jerry Angelo: "Big Jump" From Greg Olsen in 2011

Bears GM Jerry Angelo was quoted by Sean Jensen saying "I expect [Greg Olsen] to make a big jump as well, next year." This is good news for Green Bay Packers fans as it appears the Bears think their mediocre group of receivers are good enough, when they really need a great receiver at the top of their depth chart.

It's silly to think that he's going to suddenly put it all together in his fifth season. There is no reason they should be throwing over 100 pass attempts at him, as they did in 2009. He's not a number one receiver. He never caught more than 40 passes in one season in college, and his 60 catch 2009 season will probably be his career best.

Instead they should be happy with what he can do for them. He spent a lot more time blocking in 2010, and his blocking certainly didn't hurt RB Matt Forte's production on the ground. His advance stats at Football Outsiders show that he's a poor receiver who might be better per attempt if they targeted him less and avoided forcing the ball into him. He showed during their playoff win against the Seahawks that he can be valuable if a team doesn't respect what he can do, and tries to match him up against a slow safety.