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More Packers Legal News: Underwood's Case Resolved

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It's been a busy week for the Green Bay Packers's police blotter. First DE Johnny Jolly was reacquainted with Houston law enforcement, and CB Brandon Underwood's prostitution case was resolved with a no-contest plea.

Underwood's story was a much bigger deal last year when CB Sam Shields was off the radar, and the Packers were trying to figure out who would be the nickel back. Now I'm wondering if Underwood can even make the team in 2011. He has to prove to them this offseason that he deserves a roster spot. If he can't show that he's valuable on special teams, and he's better in pass coverage than CB Jarrett Bush, then they should move on.

His future depends a lot on the April NFL draft. If they draft a couple cornerbacks, then that's probably the end for him, but they could use him on special teams if they stand pat in the secondary. I expect he's been on the active roster too long to be eligible for the practice squad either.