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Packers Attend Pro Days at Texas and UConn

The big pro day this week was at the University of Texas. 2010 was a down season for the Longhorns, but their team is never short of talent. This year, they've got three quality defensive backs. ranks CB Aaron Williams and CB Curtis Brown with second round grades. I've been down on Williams in the past, but he's clearly an NFL talent. Brown was a top performer in several combine events, and he might rank higher except his 185 lb. frame is slighter than most cornerbacks. It's unlikely either player will last until the end of the second round, so while neither player has a first round grade, the Packers would probably have to use their first round selection if they wanted either of them.

I overlooked a report on the UConn pro day last week. It was a notable event because the Packers director of player personnel John Dorsey was in attendance. UConn had a dream BCS season in 2010, but their roster isn't loaded with stars. They do have some players who could be valuable mid-round selections, including RB Jordan Todman. The Packers might be interested in Todman as a third down back if RB Brandon Jackson is serious about finding a job as a lead back.