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Should The Packers Avoid Players From Auburn?

There's a big report coming out on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel that the Auburn Tigers had a pay-for-play scheme at the school under their former head coach, Tommy Tuberville. From Track 'Em Tigers:

The show spends a considerable amount of time on Auburn and focuses on four players who say they received illegal benefits while being recruited and playing for the Tigers during the Tommy Tuberville era.

It's another black eye for a school that had been dealing with Cam Newton's dad. About which, the future face of an NFL franchise had no idea about the scheme, we swear!

Should the Green Bay Packers avoid all players that come from these troubled schools, or should the problems at a school have little reflection on the player? The Packers only have one player that played at Auburn, CB Pat Lee, and while he's been a semi-bust as a former second round pick who has no chance at significant playing time in 2011, I've never thought he's been a bust because he went to a questionable school.