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La Canfora: Matt Flynn Will Eventually Get Traded

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During a chat at, Jason La Canfora was asked about players he expects to get traded. The question was about QB Kevin Kolb, who is widely expected to be traded, but the first player that came to La Canfora's mind was Green Bay Packers QB Matt Flynn

I was actually on the fence as to whether the Packers would trade Flynn. They do need to have a backup QB, and I'm not sure they could get enough value in return to take a drop on the depth chart from Flynn to QB Graham Harrell. But this is probably the time to trade Flynn. If there is no franchise tag in the future (which is a possibility) then they might be in a situation after 2011 where he can leave as an unrestricted free agent.

And teams that might want to draft a quarterback are not be impressed with this draft class. Pro Football Talk reported that Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt doesn't see anyone as good as Sam Bradford or Matt Ryan. 

I know we're a bit biased around here, but would a team be better off with Flynn over Kolb? Kolb has had more opportunities to prove himself as a starter, and he's done very well in some of those starts, so he should fetch more in trade than Flynn. And he'll cost more in terms of draft picks to acquire. If Flynn is just as good, and he'll cost less on a long term contract and less in trade, wouldn't he be a better choice?