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MLB Opening Day: And Introducing Baseball Nation

Shortly before the Green Bay Packers latched themselves onto my brain as my team, and my sport, I started out my sports fandom as a huge fan of the Milwaukee Brewers. Specifically the great Harvey's Wallbangers. So MLB opening day still gets my attention.

One of the big free agent signings at SB Nation was recruiting Rob Neyer to leave ESPN. We've recently re-done our SB Nation MLB site, which is now called Baseball Nation. While it highlights all the great stuff Rob is writing, it's also a gathering place for all the best SB Nation baseball content. And Rob promises more big news to come.

The Brewers are starting out the season with a three game series against the Reds in Cincinnati. Here's the preview from Brew Crew Ball. Everyone's in first place on opening day!

And my fantasy baseball draft is tonight where I'm set to lose against some of the best and brightest Wisconsin sports bloggers. Well at least I'll start off in first place too.