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A Look At What The Lions Did In Free Agency

One surprising loss for the Green Bay Packers in 2010 was at Detroit to the Lions. Part of the reason was the first half concussion suffered by QB Aaron Rodgers. QB Matt Flynn is a solid backup, but all backup QBs enter mid-game pretty cold since they don't take many snaps with the first team during that week's practice. But the biggest reason why they lost that game was because of the Lions defensive line.

DT Ndamukong Suh was disruptive, but he was often stuffed by RG Josh Sitton. While DT Corey Williams and DE Kyle Vanden Bosch were the big name veterans they added last season, it was guys like DE Lawrence Jackson and DE Turk McBride (two former high draft choices that washed out with their former teams) who did most of the damage against the Packers. The Packers offensive was abused by their defensive line more than any other over the last several games of the season.

So when the Lions re-sign a fringe veteran like CB Nathan Vasher to start, any of his short comings are almost masked by their pass rush. DE Cliff Avril didn't record a stat of any sort in his last game against the Packers, but he's certainly a promising young pass rusher who wants to remain long-term in Detroit. Also, they're working to bring back McBride and DE Andre Fluellen next season too. They have the makings of a tough defensive opponent for the Packers again in 2011.