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ESPN: On The Situation With Barnett And Portis

Kevin Seifert at ESPN's NFC North blog answered a couple questions that relate to the Green Bay Packers. First, on the "chances Nick Barnett could move to OLB" he says those are "pretty low." He and Matt Williamson both agreed that Barnett isn't the edge pass rusher they need on the outside. Barnett would be a better fit outside in a 4-3 defense as a linebacker that could provide pass coverage. He obviously can play inside in either a 4-3 or 3-4 based on his past experience. I'd still love it if the Packers could find him a place to play, but I can't see that happening.

UPDATE: Jackson did receive tender offer for a one-year contract too. So what I've written below doesn't necessarily apply. It appears that the Packers want Jackson back in 2011.

He also agreed that RB Clinton Portis "could transition as a third-down type of back" due to his "blitz-pickup and pass protection." The question was in regard to the Lions, but a similar discussion can be had about Portis and the Packers. With them showing little interest in bringing RB Brandon Jackson back, they could be in the market for a veteran third down back. However most APC commentators did not like the idea of signing him.