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James Jones Did Receive A Contract Offer

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It was reported over the weekend that the Green Bay Packers did not tender a restricted free agent contract to WR James Jones, but apparently he did receive a one-year contract offer (and apparently didn't sign it). He's a likely unrestricted free agent anyway, so this doesn't make a big difference. As I wrote on Saturday, while the tender offer is likely meaningless, it does tell those players that they are wanted back and for how much. 

Overall I'm torn on Jones. He certainly shows signs of becoming a great receiver, but he's inconsistent. After a strong rookie 2007 season, he was injured for most of 2008, and he looked lost on some routes early in 2009. He did finish the 2009 season strong. 2010 would have been his best season, except he had so many key dropped passes. Is he ever going to put a complete season together?

I'd like to see him back, but I don't want to see him back at any price.