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SB Nation Mock Draft: Packers Take Justin Houston

The latest SB Nation mock draft has the Green Bay Packers selecting the best available pass rusher, and at No. 32 overall it's Georgia's LB Justin Houston. We had at least one commentator in favor of Houston the last time his name was mentioned. I'm a little gun shy in projecting whether bigger players (and Houston's around 270 lbs.) can become a full-time NFL outside linebackers. Maybe LB Clay Matthews is the exception, and we shouldn't expect coach Kevin Greene to turn any player into a quality outside linebacker. From SB Nation:

Green Bay Packers: Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia. Green Bay will escape draft weekend with at least one solid OLB prospect that projects as a complement to Clay Matthews over the long haul. Houston has the size and athleticism to eventually be more than just a Matthews complement in Dom Capers' scheme.