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The Walter Football April Fools Mock Draft

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The Walter Football April Fools mock draft is up and it takes a couple shots at the Minnesota Vikings, Zigi Wilf's mustache, and the Green Bay Packers. It's right up their with the Emmitt Smith Mock Draft

From Part One, with the No. 12 overall selection, the Vikings select QB Aaron Rodgers:

"Minnesota fans should know the drill by now," Wilf said. "We suck at finding quarterbacks on our own, so we'll continue to raid old quarterbacks from other teams." 

But Rodgers isn't even 30 yet. Wilf said that he completely understands that. 

"We're not getting Rodgers yet," Wilf continued. "By drafting him now, we reserve the rights to him in 12 to 15 years when he's old and the Packers don't want him anymore.

From Part Two, with the No. 32 overall selection, the Packers select QB Christian Ponder:

Think the decision to replace Brett Favre with Aaron Rodgers was controversial? Just wait until you see this. 

"We're ready to move on from Aaron Rodgers," said general manager Ted Thompson. "He's too old. What's he now like 27, 28? He's like ancient." 

Packer fans may not be happy about this, but Viking supporters have to be thrilled. Once this pick was made, owner Zygi Wilf received a call during the Alex Trebek mustache meeting.