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ESPN: Randy Moss Loving The NASCAR Life

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But free agent WR Randy Moss wants you to know he can still play "at a high level." He'll play for any team, and he employs one driver who wants to see him on the Green Bay Packers. From Ryan McGee's blog at ESPN:

McGee: [Pointing to Kvapil, standing about 10 feet away] I'm assuming you like this driver, too.
Moss: [Speaks up loud enough to be heard] Yeah, he's alright! [Laughs.] He's a champion, you know. Even if he's a Packers fan. He's still mad at me about the whole Green Bay mooning thing when I was with the Vikings. I gave him my Super Bowl tickets this year, though, and he got to see them win it. So I think we're all even now.

McGee: [To Kvapil] All even?
Kvapil: Yeah. But I still want to see him play for Green Bay.
McGee: [To Moss] Well?
Moss: I want to play wherever they want me to play. Like I said, I'm a free agent. I know I'm 34. I know I didn't have a great season last year. But I also know that these still work [holds up his hands] and I know I can still play at a high level. We just need to get this season back on track so I can start working on finding that team that wants Randy Moss on their roster.

I'm interested to see if any NFL team will take a chance on him next year. I think he'd be willing to take an incentive laden contract, so it shouldn't be about money. I'm just not sure any team will put up with the attitude. And I don't expect the Green Bay Packers will be interested in that level of drama either.