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It's Time To Join The Aaron Rodgers Jersey Bandwagon

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I've read multiple stories focusing on the fact that Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has overtaken QB Brett Favre in jersey sales. Some articles, such as here at Bay Area SB Nation, mention that fact too, but the headline still focuses on the big story: Rodgers has moved to No. 2 in overall jersey sales. Why is this a big story? Because it means I chose correctly when I bought my own Rodgers jersey back in February. 

No, it's not a big deal, but it's a slow offseason.

And it's better than talking about the Madden jinx, as Rodgers enters the Final Four for the Madden 12 cover. And he's taking on: Browns RB Peyton Hillis? Hillis shouldn't have even gotten past RB Ray Rice in the first round.