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Seven Round Draft At Mocking The Draft This Weekend

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Here's the link to Mocking The Draft where it all began in round one. You can click through to a link to a Google spreadsheet that is being updated as the participants make each team's selections. The draft goes all seven rounds, and there will be an opportunity to select undrafted free agents too.

For the Green Bay Packers, UCLA LB Akeem Ayers was selected in the first round. He's a player who I've lost interested in over the past few weeks. Though I was initially impressed with him at the February NFL combine.

In the second round, UNC WR Greg Little was the selection. He's an interesting choice, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Packers use a high draft pick on a wide receiver. But I wouldn't want him because he only had one productive season in college at wide receiver.

And the former running back only had one college season at wide receiver because he was one of several players suspended by North Carolina for having improper dealings with agent Gary Wichard. Obviously missing an entire season, and missing it for breaking the rules, is a big problem when evaluating him.

But many of them, including Little, are very talented players, and no team can afford to just ignore them. The other two big names are DE Robert Quinn and DT Marvin Austin. Both Quinn and Austin should be drafted in the first round based on their talent alone, but while Quinn seems to be considered a Top 10 pick on many mock draft boards, Austin has still got a lot of explaining to do for being the ringleader.