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On The Offensive Line: Wells, Sitton and the 2011 Draft

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I've been a fan of Green Bay Packers C Scott Wells for years. RG Josh Sitton has impressed me with his consistent play, and the battles he fights in the middle. I doubt many casual fans outside of Green Bay are too familiar with either player, but they are both well regarded around the league. Via Kevin Seifert, from Scouts, Inc.'s Matt Williamson:

Williamson snippet: "The strongest portion of this line is at center and right guard. Scott Wells is a vastly underrated center, and Josh Sitton might just be the best guard in the league. Sitton is far and away the best offensive lineman in the NFC North." 

The praise for Sitton really caught my eye. I just don't read comments like that about him in national publications. And the interior of the offensive line could even be upgraded in the upcoming draft.

The Journal-Sentinel pointed out that Scouts, Inc. had Baylor OL Danny Watkins going to the Packers at No. 32. From

Scouts Inc. gives Watkins an exceptional grade for toughness and says: "Works to the whistle. Plays with an edge and can get under opponent's skin. Plays with a mean streak and looks to put defenders on their back. Didn't back down from challenges at the Senor Bowl."

I read similar comment about Sitton when the Packers drafted him. Also, I think RT Bryan Bulaga is a similar type of player, so Watkins fits the recent mold of lineman they're looking to draft. With LG Daryn Colledge likely to become a free agent, there could be a fit here, though I've no reason to believe the Packers are looking to part ways with him. I've read a lot of mock drafts that don't seem believable, but I can see them drafting Watkins to become their starting left guard in 2011 or 2012.