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On Rumors of McNabb To The Vikings

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In a situation that can only help the Green Bay Packers, the Vikings are in a spot with their quarterback position. Mitchell already made his feelings clear on the subject, but, of course, I've got my own two cents to contribute.

I'm not a big fan of the rookie quarterback class. But by the time the Vikings are on the clock at No. 12, they would probably have to reach for a quarterback like Jake Locker or Christian Ponder. But if they wait until the 2nd round, the top rated QB remaining on the board might be Iowa's Ricky Stanzi. Neither situation is really appealing.

And the Vikings have to do something since I can't imagine them going into 2011 with Joe Webb as their starting QB. So the rumor of Donovan McNabb to the Vikings has some appeal to it. Over at Daily Norseman, Christopher Gates seemed resigned to the fact the Vikings are likely to bring in a veteran:

A guy like McNabb or a Matt Hasselbeck (who would be my choice if we were bringing a guy in for a year or two) might be able to keep the Vikings in contention and bridge the gap to a guy that the Vikings take in the first two rounds of this year's draft, but that's really about it.

That seems about right. And while that might not be the best move, I expect the Vikings will be looking for a veteran to hold them over. I'm not sure what Hasselbeck wants to do, or what his contract demands are, but with McNabb on his second team in two years that is trying to get rid of him, he's expected to come cheap.