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McCarthy: Clifton "Found The Fountain of Youth"

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Kevin Seifert discussed Green Bay Packers LT Chad Clifton with Mike McCarthy last month, and the coach had this to say:

"We feel ability-wise that he definitely has the ability to play left tackle," McCarthy said. "But Chad, maybe he found the fountain of youth. If you look at his grades, particularly down the stretch, the last six or seven games, that's the best string of games he's put together in my five years...." 

They took it very easy with him last season after he got off to a slow start. He sat out many practices, and it appeared to have helped him down the stretch. He's gone through many surgeries, including four different ones prior to the 2009 season, so this is certainly a good idea, if not absolutely necessary. 

McCarthy's always been one of his biggest fans because Clifton is an above average pass blocker who rarely gets beaten in technique. He's never been a great run blocker, but his main job is to keep QB Aaron Rodgers protected. We can certainly appreciate his consistency, what he can do for the team, and that he's arguably getting better with age.