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It Sucks To Be A Free Agent In 2011

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According to Pro Football Talk, that is what free agent NT Anthony Adams told the Chicago Sun Times. It surprised me that he said "Guys like me could easily be out of the league and just be forgotten." I was thinking that the Chicago Bears really needed him back? And if not, he started 16 games last season at defensive tackle, and someone certainly would want to sign him? 

On closer inspection, it appears Adams has a legitimate point. Windy City Gridiron looked at the Bears defensive tackles, and found the position to be wanting. And while he is a "high motor player that plays a solid nose tackle," he wasn't rated highly by Pro Football Focus in 2010. He was arguably their third best tackle, and they've already said good bye to their best tackle, DT Tommie Harris. So no one on the roster should consider themselves safe.

While this post is partly to point out that, among other needs at receiver and offensive line, the Bears might need to revamp their defensive tackle position this offseason. And partly to point out a solid veteran like Adams who could be one of the middle class free agents really hurt by the lockout.