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Johnny Jolly Pleaded Guilty To Codeine Possession

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It's the first step to getting his life back on track for Green Bay Packers DE Johnny Jolly. It's up to him to keep moving forward, which I'm not as optimistic about after he was arrested again for possession. Hopefully he proves me wrong. From JS

District attorney Todd Keagle told the Journal Sentinel "it is not a conviction." The first charge will not be dismissed technically, said Keagle. "It's just that he's never found guilty of the offense." Keagle did dismiss Jolly's second, and most recent, codeine bust. "I did dismiss the new case pursuant to his agreement to plead guilty to the judge (on the first case). Only for that reason." But if at any time during the five years Jolly violates the terms and conditions of this type of probation, then he could be looking at anywhere from two to 20 years in jail.

So he's off to treatment for 90 days, and then 5 years probation which they're calling "deferred adjudication." The DA dismissed the "new case" because he pleaded guilty to the "first case." So at least his legal troubles are resolved.

At this point, this isn't something that has a major impact on the 2011 season. I don't see how he can convince the NFL to reinstate him, at least for the time being. And he isn't going to be able to even apply while the lockout continues.