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Who Will The Packers Pick In The First Round: Looking At The Experts

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With the Green Bay Packers soon to be on the clock as the 2011 NFL draft begins Thursday night, it's time to see if there is any consensus building for their first round draft choice. Maybe they won't even use their first round draft choice. The last time they drafted this late in the first round was in 2008, when GM Ted Thompson traded down a few spots to select WR Jordy Nelson in the second round. But in 2011, I think it's going to be worth their while to stay put and see which talented player slips to them at the end of the first round.

These mock drafts are all subject to change during the week, as I expect most mock draft experts will release at least one more before Thursday night. But here's the latest from a few that I complied over the weekend:

Writer Site School Position Player
Rob Rang CBS Sports Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod
Chad Reuter CBS Sports Illinois RB Mikel Leshoure
Mel Kiper ESPN Mississippi State OT Derek Sherrod
Todd McShay ESPN UCLA LB Akeem Ayers
Various NFP Ohio State DE Cameron Heyward
Peter King SI Ohio State DE Cameron Heyward

If there is a consensus building, it's that the Packers would select Sherrod or Heyward. I picked Sherrod in our SB Nation mock draft, but that depends on whether he's available. I've seen Heyward's name in many mock drafts for months since he appears to be the top available defensive end at the end of the first round.

Ayers has been mentioned in many mock drafts over the past couple months too, but not nearly as often as Heyward. Leshoure's name pops up from time-to-time, but he's the least selected player of this group.