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Judge Nelson's Ruling Could End The Lockout

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Actually the ruling by Judge Nelson lifts the NFL owners lockout of the players, but the NFL is expected to appeal and nothing will change in the meantime. From SB

In English, the league wants to keep the lockout in place while they go through the appeals process. The NFLPA wants the NFL to open for business throughout the appeals process. 

If the NFL does get their stay, then the lockout will remain in place while the appeals process is going on. That process could take several weeks to several months so this is an important part of the immediate future of football.

If the NFL does not get their stay, then the league will open and things like free agency will begin. The NFL will have to decide what set of rules will be in place but many people expect them to simply implement the 2010 set of rules.

My first thought was that this would push the NFL back to the negotiating table with a serious effort to come to a settlement, but on second thought I doubt this changes anything in the short-term. It makes it harder for the NFL to pressure the players, but this matter was going to have to be resolved at the negotiating table anyway.