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Mocking The Draft: Packers Select Miami DE Allen Bailey

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In the second round of the SB Nation writers mock draft over at Mocking The Draft, I selected Miami DE Allen Bailey for the Green Bay Packers

At 6-3 and 275 lbs., he's similar in size to DE Mike Neal. And just like Neal last year, Bailey isn't showing up in any mock draft I've seen. He's a great athlete who would hold up well against the run and could become a solid inside pass rusher in the NFL. I'm not sold on him, and he was one of several players I was kicking the tires on with this pick, but he's the type of player I could see them selecting. And he fills a need for depth on the defensive line.

Dan Kadar said that he's got a lot of upside, he can play end in a 3-4 defense, and he's good at "hitting gaps and penetrating the pocket." That makes him sound like a good replacement for DE Cullen Jenkins. He's not a sure thing, but if he's got Top 10 talent if he can put it all together.